Zeb Girouard

Coder with a Conscience


Full-Stack Developer

DevOps Engineer

Beer Brewer and Gardener

About Me

I live for learning, and have taught children and adults in the United States and Taiwan.

I have over five years of experience with web development and network technology.

I am a freelance web developer with Hoops by Holly and web development instructor at General Assembly.

I am currently coding Sensus, an all-in-one event planning app.


  • Web Development
  • Build Engineering
  • Network Engineering
  • Agile Coaching
  • IoT/Embedded Systems
  • Testing (Mocha/Jasmine)


  • Git
  • Perforce
  • npm
  • AWS
  • Beaglebone
  • Gulp


  • Express & NodeJS
  • Ruby on Rails and Sinatra
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Mongo
  • SQL


  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript
  • AngularJS and Angular (2+)
  • React
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap

My Portfolio

Below is a sample of my recent work.

Please reach out if you would prefer to see something in more detail.

Front End

Full Stack


Sensus is an all-in-one event planning app designed to solve the problems of asynchronous communication and to leverage the power of data to smooth conflicts and inspire new event ideas. I am currently developing this application.

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